Joel - and His Mission

Joel  has been actively helping the children in the Philippines that needs rehabilitation through his foundation.  But it was in November 2008 when Joel's brother Tommy passed away, that  has been  inspired to make  his third  album " The Serenity of the Ozarks".  Through the passing of  Joel's brother, he has been  encouraged to continue to share his music  and to help other people.  Giving back to the community was an expression of his love sharing the blessings and through  his music, he was able to continue to help.

Partnering with Tim Tebow Cure Hospital in the Philippines is such an avenue for Joel to be able to help the children in the Philippines and be able to assist them in their rehabilitation needs,  and also an opportunity for other people to help and be part of this program to heal, love and cure the needy children  of the Philippines.

An encourager, a husband,a father, a doctor of physical therapy, a brother and a devoted servant of God - that is Joel Sebag to many of us.  May his music continue to inspire us to long for the Master and  continue to walk in our faith.